Driver plows through dealership, charged for OWI

INDIANAPOLIS - A driver  trapped in his SUV after reportedly causing a car crash Friday morning has been preliminarily charged with OWI, police said.

The crash happened just before 11 a.m. near the intersection of 46th Street and Keystone Avenue on the city's northeast side and ended in the parking lot of Elite Motors car dealership.

"Witnesses have stated that the driver was driving erratically before entering the intersection," Metro Police Sgt. Russell Burns said. "At some point he collided with another vehicle. Eventually he ended up in this parking lot, this dealership, where he rolled his vehicle and collided with other vehicles, causing an extensive amount of damage."

Three vehicles at the dealership, including an Audi and a BMW, were damaged when the SUV drove through the car lot.

"Everybody's mouth dropped," said Ross Loyd, who witnessed the crash. "Thank God nobody got hurt."

Police planned to get a warrant for a blood draw of the SUV driver -- 38-year-old Arthur Ruffin -- as they suspected alcohol might be a factor in the crash. 

"Based on statements made and his physical characteristics, it's all indicative that he may have been involved with some use of alcohol," Burns said.

Ruffin had to be extracted from the wreckage by emergency crews. He was taken to Eskenazi Health.

Witnesses on the scene said at least a dozen bystanders tried to get Ruffin out of the SUV before emergency crews arrived.

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