Plainfield's historic Oasis Diner will reopen in October

PLAINFIELD, Ind. - A historic Plainfield diner will soon reopen for business after crews moved the one-story structure Tuesday morning.

The original Oasis Diner on U.S. 40 was built in 1954 and was shipped to Indiana from New Jersey on a train. It was shut down in 2006 because of structural and health code violations.

With the help of one family’s efforts, the diner will be resurrected -- but this time in a new location and under new management.

"There was one sign that disappeared 20 or 25 years ago -- a big sign that said Oasis Diner, had cute little palm trees coming out of it. But we have post cards and we have photographs of what it looked like then and part of our agreement with Indiana Landmarks is to restore it back to the 1954 standard," partner Don Rector said.

The Oasis Diner name and the huge coffee cup sign from the top of the diner were being rebuilt by a local sign business.

The new owners said the diner will be fully renovated and should reopen by late October.

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