Planned Parenthood of Indiana plans new location in Hamilton County

New location opens Friday

FISHERS, Ind. - The Castleton Planned Parenthood location is set to close Wednesday, and doors will open at a new location in Fishers Friday.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana leaders said they haven't had a Hamilton County location in decades, but that's changing because of the demand created by the county's growing population.

"The patients have been very happy about it," said Liz Carroll, vice president of patient care with Planned Parenthood. "As for the community, as far as we know, we have heard no negatives and we’re looking forward to the move." 

The new location is at 8937 Technology Dr., six miles away from the Castleton location shutting its doors this week.  

Community leaders said the majority of people in Hamilton County define themselves as strong Republicans.  While the nonprofit has caught a lot flak from conservatives in the past, Carroll said the community response has been supportive.

"We'll be doing contraceptive care, sexually transmitted disease care, clinical breast exams, preventative women's health care, and that's not  really a political issue," Carroll said.

Hamilton County parent Patti Scott said Planned Parenthood's presence could be positive.

"Being a parent you want to be involved in your children’s decisions to talk about things," she said. "You know, sometimes they have to have a starting point, so I think Planned Parenthood is a starting point."

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