Planned Parenthood staff member caught on video making graphic suggestions

Live Action investigator posed as 15-year-old

INDIANAPOLIS - Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky says it no longer employs a worker who was secretly videotaped discussing sexual role-playing with a woman she thought was 15 years old.

The video released by anti-abortion group Live Action revealed an encounter inside a Planned Parenthood office in Indianapolis near 38th and Meridian streets.

The video shows a Planned Parenthood staff member suggesting a variety of bondage and sadomasochistic acts to the investigator posing as a 15-year-old girl.

The worker was also seen and heard telling stories about her own sex life and giving recommendations on sex toys and porn websites.

"This video clearly does not reflect our professional standards or training protocols," CEO Betty Cockrum wrote in a statement.

Lila Rose is the founder of the nonprofit group Live Action.

"How does this video not reflect Planned Parenthood's protocol and training because publicly available information on their national website promotes bondage, sadomasochism and other dangerous sexual activities for teenagers, so this is just business as usual for Planned Parenthood," Rose said.

RTV6 asked Rose why her group selected the particular Planned Parenthood office for the undercover investigation.

"We've been in Indiana before and documented the Planned Parenthood affiliate there covering up sexual abuse of young girls, so we wanted to see how they treated the issue of violence and sexuality when it comes to sex education for teenagers, which is why we were in the clinic in Indianapolis," Rose said.

"The goal behind this video campaign is to stop people from getting the services and programs offered by Planned Parenthood," Cockrum said.

Officials with Planned Parenthood would only say that the staff member seen in the video no longer works there. They would not say if she was fired and said they don’t discuss personnel issues.

Live Action officials said they believe the woman still works at the office.

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