Plans for new Brownsburg subdivision stirs controversy among current homeowners

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - A plan for a new subdivision in Brownsburg is stirring controversy after current homeowners say the new homes will bring down their property value and strain their resources.

Homeowner Margie Appleget said her dying trees are casualties of the expanding Brownsburg neighborhood.

"Blue spruce trees normally live to be about 25 years old. This one was over 40 years old and it was just a rarity, so I lost that," Appleget said.

On County Road 600 East, there's a divide between current property owners and plans for a new subdivision.

"We're afraid it's going to devalue our property because the houses are going to be less valuable," Appleget said.

The Brownsburg Plan Commission is considering an 88-lot subdivision, but current homeowners said the addition would cause schools to be overcrowded, and an over-worked water supply and drainage system.

"The front of the home is going to drain to the storm sewers but that back is going to drain onto our property," Appleget said. "Why are we going to create another crowded space? Because we have an empty field and a developer wants to build houses and put the money in his pocket and leave town?"

The commission said it will consider the law, not community concern. Construction is scheduled to begin in the next few months.


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