Plans to rename street in honor of fallen Officer Perry Renn

INDIANAPOLIS - Friends, family and fellow officers were pushing for a permanent memorial to honor Officer Perry Renn in the neighborhood where he was killed.

Part of the plan to forever memorialize the fallen officer included renaming a section of a street that Renn patrolled.

Three streets were being considered -- two of them were right by the north district and near David S. Moore Memorial Parkway. One possibility -- suggested by a fellow patrol officer -- was to rename Meadows Drive to Officer Perry Renn Drive.

Renn often patrolled and protected the neighborhood during his more than 20 years on the street. It is an area where he interacted with residents while waiting for calls.

"Nobody else ever defended a dangerous neighborhood for so long as Perry," one officer said.

"To be able to see Perry's name over in the neighborhood that he thought was so important that he sat there on that street and waited for calls and engaged that person, that’s just phenomenal. Just means a lot to everybody," said family friend and spokeswoman Sabrina Young.

City leaders will work with Officer Renn's widow and fellow officers to decide which street will ultimately bear the fallen officer's name. A family friend said wherever it is, the sign will forever memorialize a great officer and a great man.

Once city leaders narrow it down, the Department of Metropolitan Development will make their recommendation to the mayor who will make the final decision.

Police were also delivering a message to the public via their Facebook page in honor of Officer Renn.

Officers reaffirmed that they will always get out of their cars when they are dispatched to help members of the community.

The mother of murder suspect Major Davis Jr. suggested Officer Renn would not have been killed if he had just stayed in his car, but the department said that is not the way they operate -- not now, not ever.

Many members of the public have voiced their support of the campaign and one person even called it brilliant.

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