Police investigating after dead man found in parking lot

MORGANTOWN, Ind. - Police are investigating a scene in Morgantown, where a man was found dead in a liquor store parking lot. 

Witnesses said the victim is a white male who is around 20 years old who they believe lived in a nearby town.

Witnesses told RTV6 that the man died of an apparent gunshot wound after efforts to save him in the parking lot failed.

The scene was at the liquor store on the corner of State Road 252 and 135, in the heart of downtown Morgantown.

Morgan County Sheriff Robert Downey told RTV6 the liquor store was not involved in the homicide.

Downey did not give any information about potential suspects, but local residents told RTV6 that police could be looking for a red flatbed truck and a possibly armed man.

A resident who lives on a nearby street said he was shocked by the incident.

"I've lived here for 53 years and I've never in my life seen anything like this here, ever," he said. "It's strange. I've traveled all the surrounding counties during my working life and I've seen it in other places, but never anything like that here."

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