Police: Johnson County man choked fiancee for 'trash talking' NASCAR

A Franklin man was arrested Sunday after allegedly attacking his fiancée over a race-related argument.

Johnson County Sheriff's deputies say 57-year-old David Wilson's fiancée called 911 during the Indianapolis 500, saying Wilson had gotten upset during a fight over whether NASCAR or IndyCar was better.

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Wilson's fiancée told police they had been drinking all day. She said Wilson became angered when he heard her and another person talking about IndyCar being better than NASCAR.

Wilson told police he was in the kitchen making dinner when he heard his fiancée and another person "talking trash about NASCAR." He said he yelled into the room at both of them, but denied a physical altercation taking place.

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Wilson also said he was "extremely upset" that no one in the house would help him with the household work.

Police arrested Wilson on preliminary charges of domestic battery and strangulation.

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