Police: Voyeur caught peeping at Hyatt says he's taken video of at least 20 women, groped 2 others

Adam Mittler, 33, has 2010 voyeurism conviction

INDIANAPOLIS - Police and prosecutors call 33-year-old Adam Mittler a clear and present danger to women of all ages, a serial peeping tom incapable of controlling his urges.

"He has indicated to us that he was actually at the downtown canal and was considering groping someone, but there were too many people around," said Metro police spokesman Michael Hewitt.

Mittler was arrested Thursday after he was caught using his cell phone to take photos in the women's restroom at a downtown hotel, police said.

Mittler is facing a voyeurism charge for reportedly putting his camera phone under the wall into a woman's stall at the Hyatt hotel.

At the time of his arrest, Mittler was on parole for a 2010 felony voyeurism conviction. He was convicted of taking cell phone pictures of women back in 2010 under a dressing room door at Castleton Square Mall.

Police said they directly observed Mittler's activity in the restroom at the Hyatt, because they had him under surveillance based on a concerning report from Mittler's parole officer.

"As soon as he exited the Arrestee Processing Center, our detectives followed him," said Sgt. Kerry Buckner, with IMPD's violent crimes unit. "They watched him go into a hotel; they watched him walk into a women's bathroom."

Mittler's parole officer told police that during meeting Tuesday, Mittler said he had been "spinning out of control."

Mittler told his parole officer that, during the previous two weeks, he had touched the buttocks of two girls at Castleton Square Mall and that he had been peeping in the women's restroom at the Hyatt, police said.

Police then arrested Mittler later Tuesday on a warrant for a parole violation in response to the confessions he had made to his parole officer, police said.

Mittler was released from the Marion County Jail Thursday, and detectives followed him as he left the jail and headed to the Hyatt, police said.

Once at the Hyatt, an undercover female officer in civilian clothes found Mittler in the women's restroom trying to take photos with his phone, police said.

Police said Mittler tried to hide the phone from officers and refused to put his hands behind his back officers tried to initiate an arrest. Mittler is also facing a charge of resisting law enforcement.

During an interview after his arrest, Mittler admitted that he had gone into the restroom to commit acts of voyeurism, police said.

Investigators said they think Mittler could have victimized others who have not come forward.

"We believe because of this individual's propensity for this type of crime there maybe other victims out there," Metro police spokesman Kendale Adams said.

Police are asking anyone who may have been victimized by Mittler to email Deputy Prosecutor Andrea Props at andrea.props@indy.gov or Grand Jury Investigator Brian Morris at brian.morris@indy.gov. 

The prosecutor's office wants as many victims as possible to come foward to stack the criminal charges against Mittler.

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