Police: Minor left waitress tip covered in feces

MUNCIE, Ind. - Three Ball State University football players were learning a lesson about being careful who they associate with after they were tied to a demeaning incident at a restaurant over the weekend.

Defensive lineman Kennan Noel, linebacker Nicholas Isaacs and defensive back Darius Conaway were allegedly part of a group involved in the incident at Brothers Bar and Grill last Sunday, officials with the Muncie Police Department said.

Police said a 17-year-old tried tipping a waitress with two dollar bills covered in fecal matter.

According to the police report, restaurant surveillance video showed the suspect immediately going to the bathroom after the waitress delivered the bill to the table. The police report said the video showed the suspect returning to the table, putting items into the bill folder and giving it to the waitress before walking away and visibly laughing.

The teen was taken to the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Center on a charge of battery with bodily waste.

The Ball State football staff said they were continuing to collect information about the incident. Officials said they don't believe the players were directly involved with the prank -- they were just at the restaurant with the accused teen.

Officials said the football coach has talked to the players about the incident and reinforced that because they are in the public eye, they need to be more careful about who they associate with.

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