Police say Indiana man beat tied-up teenager

PERU, Ind. - Police say a northern Indiana man tied a 17-year-old boy to a chair and beat him after claiming to have caught the boy burglarizing his home.

The Miami County Sheriff's Department said 36-year-old Reginald Greene told deputies he chased down the teen in a neighborhood near Grissom Air Reserve Base outside Peru on Friday night.

The Kokomo Tribune reports police say he punched and kicked the teen, whipped him with a belt and shocked him twice with a stun gun.

Greene said he did nothing wrong and if he had to do it all over again, he would do the same thing.

"All I did was whip his (expletive) with my fists then I used a belt.  That's all I did," Greene said.

Greene was asked if he duct-taped the teen’s hands.

"Like I told them at the jail I didn't have no handcuffs. So I detained him. That's all I'm telling you," Greene said.

Greene told police he felt justified beating the teenager before calling police. Police say the teen admitted to stealing from the man before but that he was invited into the house on Friday.

"We have the right to defend our property and our family and loved ones, but there is a line at some point once the threat has been alleviated, if you no longer feel threatened, to take the additional steps that Mr. Greene allegedly took, is going above and beyond what is expected of a normal person," said Deputy Nate Freeman with the Miami County Sheriff’s Department.

The teen victim had bruising on his face and dried blood on his lips, but he was not taken to the hospital for treatment, according to court documents.

Greene was arrested on preliminary charges of criminal confinement and battery. His 35-year-old girlfriend Tanisha Witt was also arrested.

Greene is scheduled for a court hearing June 19 and said he looks forward to his day in court.

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