Police warn about string of recent coyote attacks on pets

Coyotes attacking dogs, police say

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Police in Greenwood are warning residents to keep a close eye on their pets after several recent reports of coyote attacks in the area.

Officials believe some of these aggressive coyotes are living in a thicket of trees and around a salvage yard. They are venturing into the neighborhood near Freedom Park looking for easy prey.

Greenwood resident Douglas Bartram said his dog, Brixie, was attacked by a coyote six weeks ago. Bartram said the coyote jumped the fence and attacked.

"It was right in her throat, a nice puncture wound right in her throat," he said.

Bartram found the dog on the patio, covered in blood.

"Oh I felt terrible. We've been here 12 years and we've had her the whole time (since she was) a pup," he said. "I felt bad because we left them out a lot."

Weeks later, Brixie has made a full recovery, but police said the attack highlights a growing problem in the Greenwood area.

Sergeant Doug Roller can recall at least six reports in recent weeks from owners whose pets have fallen victim to coyote attacks.

"From speaking to some of the homeowners in the areas that have been affected, they've seen coyotes out during the day time, middle of the day," Roller said.

Kirk Neuner with Admiral Wildlife Services makes a living getting rid of nuisance animals, but both he and police agree that traps can often be too dangerous in residential areas.

"You don't want to have a trap out or something like that that could possibly injure or affect something other than your target audience, which is the coyotes," Neuner said.

Right now authorities said it's best to be proactive with this problem.

They are asking Greenwood residents to move their pets' food and water bowls inside for now and to stay vigilant and report sightings and attacks.

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