Police: Woman left dogs, other animals alone without food, water

Barnes faces animal neglect charges

SHIRLEY, Ind. - A Henry County woman faces animal neglect charges and is accused of abandoning multiple animals.

Police said six dogs, two bearded dragons, a bird, a snake and several fish were left in Amanda Barnes’ Shirley home for days without food or water.

Mark Adkins and another neighbor with a key to the home noticed the situation last week. They heard barking coming from inside the house and decided to investigate.

"Opened the door and it was pretty much everything you see on television of what you wouldn't want to see," Adkins said.

Adkins said they gave the animals food and water for days before they notified local police.

"Watered them, fed them. They went through 20 pounds of food and almost five gallons of water in 10 minutes. They were hungry, very hungry. I'd say they probably hadn't been fed in a good four days," Adkins said.

Barnes allegedly works for a veterinary office. She said police were exaggerating both the number of animals in the house and their living conditions.

"I would have never thought you'd take care of somebody else's animals up to par and let your own go," Adkins said.

The responding officer said only a gas mask made walking into the house tolerable.

Police said there was no electricity or running water in the home. They think Barnes lived in the home at one point, but they believe it had been vacant for weeks.

Barnes was charged with several counts of animal neglect and the animals were taken to the Greenfield Animal Management Center.

The animals were being held as evidence in the case and Barnes will not be allowed to see them until a visit is cleared by a court.

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