Possible security changes coming to Broad Ripple

INDIANAPOLIS - Police and Broad Ripple business owners agree more needs to be done to keep the popular village safe after a violent weekend.

Authorities were considering more police, tougher trespassing policies and changes to traffic flow to help better police the area.

Seven people were shot early Saturday morning after police said two people exchanged gunfire on Broad Ripple Avenue.

Wild Beaver Saloon owner Ric Payne said a few bad nights can really damage business.

"A couple bad apples kind of spoils it and that just bleeds down the street back to the money loss and people staying away and having fear," Payne said. "I just think when you have a hot area like Broad Ripple has always been, it draws a lot of different types of people and sometimes it draws violent people."

Leaders with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they are working on implementing security changes.

They are considering new policies to give business owners a way to alert police of known troublemakers. Authorities will add those people to a no-trespassing or loitering list and they could possibly be arrested for violating the ban.

IMPD said there are already up to 60 on-duty and off-duty officers in or around the village most weekend nights.

"How many officers are out there? Maybe 12, 24, whatever it may be. Well that's not making a difference and people need to be held accountable for what they do," comedy club manager Chris Miller said.

Some business owners think an even stronger show of force could add to the fear factor. They hope whatever changes come will eliminate what is keeping people away.

The Broad Ripple Village Association said in a statement that it wants a commitment from the mayor’s office to do what it takes to make Broad Ripple safe.

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