Preschool teacher fired just before brain surgery

Posted: 9:28 PM, Apr 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-04-26 16:42:29Z

MOORSEVILLE, Ind. – A woman was fired from her job after she informed her boss she needed time off to have brain surgery.

Amanda Anderson was working as a preschool teacher when she was called to have surgery. Initially, Anderson thought her constant headaches and nausea were linked to a sinus infection, but doctors said her symptoms were caused by a brain tumor.

When she told her boss about the upcoming three-hour surgery, Anderson said she was fired.

“It is a shock,” she said. “I would never treat somebody like that. I just wouldn't.”

The CEO of the preschool said Anderson did not qualify for medical leave because she had not been on the job for one year and said, “We are going to review our policies. Yes, sir.”

"My mind wasn't on a paycheck, it was on the kids when I called,” said Anderson.

The former teacher has been in communication with her students. The class created a card for her and wished her well.