Proposed reservoir will stretch across two Ind. counties

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. - A proposed Madison County project could become central Indiana's newest reservoir.

The Mounds Lake Reservoir project would stretch from Anderson to Yorktown. The $400 million reservoir could provide billions of gallons of water for central Indiana, drawing on the White River for its supply.

Supporters said the reservoir would mitigate droughts and flooding. Opponents, including environmental groups, say the project would cause irreversible damage to the White River, forests and Mounds State Park.

The 2,100-acre lake would remove 270 mobile and modular homes, 80 houses and 80 businesses.

Some homeowners who will have to sell their property said it is a necessary project. David Schulte owns several rental properties close to the proposed lake’s dam.

"To me, it's going to be a boon for Madison County and for Anderson and the entire area. We're depressed and we need help. Yes, it's at a cost. Everything is," Schulte said.

Despite environmental concerns, some homeowners said they will support the project if they are given a fair price for their properties.

Brent Hagan is one of the reservoir’s biggest opponents. He has put protest signs along the nearby White River.

"Besides the fact I'll lose my home, my grandmother's been here since 1929 across the street from me. Nobody came down here and consulted us," Hagan said.

Madison County officials will hold a series of public meetings this week. If approved, the new reservoir is expected to be filled in seven years. Officials said no tax dollars will be used to finance the project.

More information on the public meetings here.

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