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Neighbor blames poor paving for street flooding

Posted: 9:53 AM, Nov 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-21 14:34:46-05
Neighbor blames poor paving for street flooding
Neighbor blames poor paving for street flooding

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. — Neighbors in Russellville, Indiana say a company did a bad job paving a street, causing it to flood when it rains. Now they're worried nobody is fixing the problem as winter approaches. 

"There's never been a drainage issue here until they repaved the street," Del Ferrier said.

In July, the town of Russellville received a state grant to replace several roads in dire needed of repaving. Ferrier says the contractor the town hired didn't do the job well, creating slopes in the road.

Neighbors shared photos of children able to boogie boarding on top of standing water.

Ferrier worries once it turns cold, the flooded water will turn to ice.

"Well someone is going to lose control here and end up driving in someone's home and getting someone hurt or killed," Ferrier said.

He's brought this to both the contractor and the town council's attention, but he feels his concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

The town president said a contractor will cut up the asphalt and put in a drainage ditch to help with draining issues. But he said the paving job itself was not done poorly, adding they completed the job according to what the contract called for. 

Ferrier said he wants the road replaced again, something town officials say most likely will not happen. 

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