Report ranks Indiana 27th in children's overall well-being; 22% of Ind. kids in poverty

INDIANAPOLIS - A new report could give you a good chance to touch base with your kids on their education, health and overall quality of life.

The report says kids here in Indiana are making strides in education. For example, more eighth-grade students are hitting target math scores, but the report also says there are still many kids struggling in the classroom. On top of that, figures show many children are still living in poverty.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2014 Kids Count Databook ranks Indiana 27th among the 50 states when it comes to the overall well-being of children. That’s up three spots from last year.

Regarding education: The report celebrates Indiana’s improvements but points out some startling numbers. Out of Indiana’s fourth-grade students, 62 percent still score below the “proficient” level in reading. Roughly that same percentage of eighth graders still score below proficient in math.

The other big factor knocking us down: 22 percent of Indiana kids live in poverty (which is slightly below the normal average), and that number is increasing faster than in other states.

Indiana has seen a 29-percent increase in impoverished children since 2005.

The report is all about figuring out what we need to work on as a state to make sure kids have the best life possible.

More information in the report. You can also take a look at the numbers in this infographic.

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