Rescued puppies test positive for parvovirus

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - The Humane Society for Hamilton County needs your help to treat and find new homes for several rescued puppies.

Officials with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control were called to a home this week and found 21 dogs living in horrible conditions. All of the puppies had been exposed to parvovirus.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease. When young animals are infected, they can suffer heart damage or even die.

After the puppies were removed from the home, all of the local shelters were full so IACC officials turned to Hamilton County to help the animals.

"We received the call from IACC at noon on Monday that 21 puppies were just surrendered who were exposed to Parvo and 2 had already died," Rebecca Stevens, Executive Director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County wrote in a statement. "We were told that 19 puppies were waiting in their van and could not enter the building without risking exposure to the other animals, so a decision needed to be made immediately."

HSHC said they would cover 100 percent of the medical costs associated with treating the 13 puppies in their care. The puppies were placed with foster families for the duration of their treatment.

"It’s very expensive to save the life of a puppy with parvo, but we felt it was important to give these babies a chance," Stevens said.

HSHC was asking for donations to help cover the medical costs to care for the puppies. More information is available at if you are interested in donating or adopting one of the puppies.

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