Riley kids, IU students tour Children's Museum

Patients from Riley Hospital for Children had the chance to share a special visit with students who are aiming to make a difference this week.

Patients toured the Children's Museum on Saturday with Indiana University students organize the school's annual dance marathon.

The group visited "The Power of Children: Making a Difference Gallery," which tells the story of Ryan White.

The IU Dance Marathon was started in honor of White in 1991.

Since then, the student-run event has raised $17 million for research at the Ryan White Center for Infectious Disease.

"We always like to do events with our Riley family, just because they're such a big part of our organization, and to remind our students what we're doing it for at the end of the day," said IU student Michelle Turchan.

Saturday's event was one of a handful in which students spend time with Riley patients.               

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