Runners go over, under train in Columbus marathon

COLUMBUS, Ind. - What's it take to stop a moving train? Several hundred marathon runners in Bartholomew County, as it turns out.

Participants in the second annual Mill Race Marathon in Columbus, Ind., were met with an unexpected obstacle Saturday when their course twice crossed paths with a freight train.

According to one witness, who asked not to be named, the runners stopped for the train on their first meeting. On the second time, however, it was the train's conductor who was forced to stop as runners crossed in front of, climbed over and even ducked under the locomotive.

"There were so many people, and they just wanted to make their time, that they just didn't care," a witness said.

Nearly 300 runners completed the marathon. No injuries were reported as a result of the stopped train.

The winning men's time was earned by Geoffrey Kiprotich, who finished at 2:26:33. Sarah Overpeck won the women's division with a final time of 3:04:44.

Check out the video player above to see runners' creative means of getting around the train.

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