School districts train for unexpected emergencies

INDIANAPOLIS - As parents prepare to send their children back to school, training was underway in some districts to keep students safe in case of unexpected emergencies.

A 24-student emergency response team in Decatur County was training for various disaster scenarios on Friday.

The three-day training program worked to prepare students for what they can’t see coming.

Even though Anekah Bower knew she was dealing with a fake scenario, her adrenaline still flowed as she asserted her voice and took control of the situation.

"It really helps me and makes me feel more comfortable in what I'm doing, because some things that I learned here, I wouldn't have known what to do," Bower said.

Bus drivers in Warren Township were also training for different active shooter scenarios this week.

State police produced videos that drivers can find online to help them learn how to react if they are faced with an armed person on their bus.

"It gives them tools to put in their tool bag on options that if this happens, I could do this, or I could do this," Indiana State Police Sgt. Chris Kath said.

Despite the simulations in both training programs, the training translates into real knowledge that could save a life.

"It helps us get more confidence and know that we're going to be here in case something bad happens," student Nick Grissom said.

Decatur County Community Schools planned to have trained students in each of the district’s high schools this year.

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