School voucher program deadline nears

Applications due by 11:59 p.m. Friday


Hoosier parents hoping to take advantage of the Indiana school voucher program have until 11:59 p.m. Friday to apply through the school of their choice. 
The state-funded program gives Hoosier families help to pay for private and parochial schools. 
School Choice Indiana oversees the program and said families could be eligible for up to $4,500 for each elementary student. The amount for middle and high school students varies based on the school, RTV6’s Julie Pursley reported. 
Field Director Marrisa Lynch said in order to apply for a voucher, the student must be entering at least the second grade and must have attended a public school for the last two semesters. Parents will also need to meet with school officials to provide proof of financial verification, including tax forms and paycheck stubs before requesting a voucher. 
"One of the eligibility factors in being able to use a voucher is income. If a family of four makes around $63,000 or less, they would be eligible for the voucher program,” Lynch said. 
The student must also be admitted to their school of choice before applying for a voucher, and school officials will file vouchers on behalf of the parents. 
"You would have to be accepted to attend that school, and then you would have to actually apply for the voucher as well,” Lynch said.
About 8,000 Hoosier children are already receiving vouchers this school year. Officials are encouraging more students to apply for the remaining 7,000 vouchers. 
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