Signs warning against giving to panhandlers stolen from downtown Bloomington

Posted: 10:27 AM, Oct 12, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-12 23:13:29-04
Signs warning against panhandlers stolen
Signs warning against panhandlers stolen

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- More than 20 signs encouraging people in Bloomington, Indiana to donate to homeless organizations rather than give to panhandlers were stolen. 

The city put up 28 signs, encouraging people to donate to organizations listed on the "Bloomington Gives" website. Of those 28 signs, 24 were stolen, all from the downtown area. 

Police hope security camera footage from local businesses will help in the investigation.

The city warns against aggressive panhandling.

According to the city of Bloomington's website, aggressive panhandling is when somebody panhandles after sunset and before sunrise, touches the individual being solicited without consent or when the individual being solicited is:

  • At a bus stop
  • In a vehicle
  • At a facility used for public transportation
  • In a motor vehicle that is stopped on a public street or alley (unless approved)
  • In the sidewalk dining area of a restaurant
  • Within twenty (20) feet of an automated teller machine or the entrance to a bank
  • Standing in line and waiting to be admitted to a commercial establishment

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Mary Catherine Carmichael, the Bloomington City Communications Director, said the city will have additional signs made if necessary.

No arrests have been made.

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