Sirquain Burr sentenced to 59 years in prison

19-year-old pleaded guilty in Yingling murder

INDIANAPOLIS - A 19-year-old who pleaded guilty in a fatal 2013 crime spree last month was sentenced Friday to 59 years in prison.

A Marion County judge sentenced Sirquain Burr to 68 years, with nine years suspended, in a crime spree that included the fatal February 2013 shooting of 38-year-old John Yingling.

Burr's co-defendant Gabriel Edwards was scheduled to be sentenced July 16.

Burr and Edwards pleaded guilty last month to shooting and killing Yingling while he sat in his truck in his driveway.

After Yingling was killed, the pair also shot and wounded Rex Souter who was out walking his dog.  The pair eventually crashed the stolen vehicle they were driving in Brownsburg.

Prosecutors said they believe Burr fired the fatal shot.

"We believe based on his involvement in the other robberies, he was most likely the triggerman in the homicide. We don't know 100 percent for sure. It was Gabriel Edwards’ DNA that was found on the gun after it was tossed. But we think it was most likely because he tossed the gun," deputy prosecutor Jeremy Teipen said.

Edwards’ attorney said his client was led astray.

"This should send a message to everyone. Be careful who you hang out with.  It's not important that you are the trigger person. You could be the person with the triggerperson and by hanging out with them, being with them you could be held equally responsible and that's exactly what happened today," Kenneth Riggins said.

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