Speedway to enforce new parking rules near IMS

Residents will be fined for 'saving' spots

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - There will be changes to street parking near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year and not everyone is happy with the plan.

Speedway officials recently passed a clean roads initiative. Town leaders want the streets clear of orange cones and furniture that residents have routinely used to save parking spaces on the street in front of their homes.

This year, anyone caught saving spaces with cones or other items will be fined $75.

Resident Larry Ireland was not happy.

"I've never heard anyone complain about a lawn chair or a cone blocking a parking space," Ireland said. "I pay my property taxes on this property and I think during race time and those places out there are for my friends and relatives that come to the race."

Ireland said he will now park his own cars in front of his house and then move them when his friends arrive on race day.

Town leaders know that some residents are upset and they said they are sympathetic.

Speedway Town Manager Ian Nicolini said the new initiative simply clarifies existing laws. The goal is to make the town attractive to out-of-town guests.

"That's really important for us, we're going to host hundreds of thousands of visitors this weekend and we want to put our best foot forward," Nicolini said.

The new rule against saving parking spaces on the street does not apply to homeowners who park cars on their front lawns.

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