Sunday dedicated to fun, gun safety for Indy mom

INDIANAPOLIS - Sunday was a day to talk about gun safety for Indianapolis mother Ebony Parker.

For her daughter, Aviana, it was just a day to be 6 years old.

"She does have to go back for surgery again at a later time, but right now I'm just trying to get her to enjoy as much as possible," Parker said.

On May 23rd, Parker says Aviana accidentally shot herself in the arm while playing with a loaded gun she found in a relative's closet.

Aviana was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children, where she spent weeks as doctors worked to repair damage to her arm.

"I was traumatized," Parker said "It's scary for a mother, especially not knowing the situation or what's happening with your child."

On Sunday, Parker invited people to Wes Montgomery Park for a fundraiser that mixed fun with a dose of reality.

In between splashing, first responders talked to kids and their parents about safe gun practices. Parker said she organized the event so that the next child's life isn't left to chance.

"People having guns in their home and not putting them up, and not having them locked in a safe place … kids can play with them just thinking they're a simple toy," Parker said. "They could be in the same situation as I am with my daughter."

Aviana was set to go back to Riley for at least one more surgery.

The family has set up a benefit fund at Forum Bank. 

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