Suspect denies killing his mother last November

Rainsberger appeared in court Thursday

INDIANAPOLIS - A man accused of bludgeoning his 88-year-old mother to death made his initial court appearance Thursday afternoon.

William Rainsberger, 56, denied having anything to do with the killing on his way to court.

"I love my mother. I can say that," Rainsberger said.

Rainsberger said he did not kill his mother inside her apartment at 801 North Shortridge Road. He said he found her body, called 911 and told the operator that someone bashed her head in.

The crime occurred last November, but formal charges were not filed until this week. Prosecutors said there was no forced entry and nothing was taken from the apartment.

The cause of death was determined to be multiple blunt force injuries to the head. The wounds were possibly inflicted with a hammer or similar type weapon.

"What we believe happened was that he disposed of the object that was used," deputy prosecutor Denise Robinson said.

Prosecutors believe he got rid of the object in a Kroger dumpster, but they said there was no way to recover it.

"Not by the time the Kroger surveillance video was found and viewed by the detectives. By that time it was too late," Robinson said.

Last November, Rainsberger refused a request to take polygraph test and hired an attorney. Police said the motive for murder may be money.

At the time of her death, Ruth Rainsberger had $98,000 in her accounts and her three children were the beneficiaries.

Rainsberger’s brother and sister were not charged, but the prosecutor said the investigation is ongoing.

Rainsberger’s jury trial is set for August 4.

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