Teens suspected in school voyeurism case

Changes made to security, pickup procedures

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police are investigating the possibility of voyeurism and trespassing at a school on the city’s west side.

An 8-year-old student at Chapel Hill Christian School told teachers someone held a cellphone underneath her stall in the bathroom at the end of a school day.

Officials said two 17-year-old girls, a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl were all in the restroom at the same time as the 8-year-old. None of the teens were students at the school.

"All I know is what the child reported and what she observed from her own words. She doesn't know if a picture was taken of her or if someone was using the phone to look underneath the stall. We didn't question those juveniles," said Erin Kissling, the director of early childhood programs at the school.

The school didn't question the teens, but the police did. The reason the teens were able to gain access to the building was because they have relatives who attend the school, and they were known to school staff. 

Police are still uncertain if any photos were taken.

"We don't know at this time. The detectives are still looking at that. And sometimes when we have cellphones, there are warrant issues and other things that take place before we know for sure," said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Chris Bailey.

Parents were notified about the incident.

"I personally got to talk to parents when they checked in for pickup in the evening. Almost every parent said the same thing. It's such a shame. Why does it have to be that way," Kissling said.

School officials have altered the pickup procedures at the school and said they hope this never happens again.

The new pickup procedures mean someone cannot get past the school entryway if their name is not on the list.

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