'The Black Band' by IMPD Officer Jeff Webb

In the wake of the fatal shooting of Indianapolis police Officer Perry Renn, fellow Officer Jeff Web wrote a poignant poem about the struggle and the sacrifices officers make.

Webb, a 43-year veteran of IMPD, reads his poem in a video put together by RTV6 Creative Services Producer Clayton Jennings.

The Black Band

I'm sick of putting this band on my badge
Of seeing another brother fall
Of seeing another sister laid out
Upon an altar before us all
Of seeing another family sit
While they receive a folded flag
And know the crushing loss they feel
As you can see their shoulders sag
Then I remember what this band means
Recalling the fallen who've gone before
Who gave everything they had
To honor the badges that they wore
By protecting the public from evil that lurks
Within the dark recesses of society's mind
By being the last bastion of defense
By being the honored thin blue line


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