Thousands react to Joey Feek's death

Posted: 12:35 PM, Mar 05, 2016
Updated: 2016-03-05 19:19:34Z
Thousands react to Joey Feek's death

For the past several months, Joey and Rory Feek shared their lives with thousands of people. 

They shared big moments, like when they were nominated for a Grammy. 

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They shared simple, but beautiful moments, like when Joey and Rory danced together for the last time. 

Their Facebook and blog posts were shared and commented on hundreds of thousands of times. One woman wrote on a recent post that she looked at their page every day. 

"There are no words really. I check this everyday to see updates. Joey will no longer be in pain in the arms of Jesus. When she opens her eyes, after her deep sleep, imagine the love and happiness she will feel meeting her maker. She was made for this. Her story, may have save many souls. And I'm sure God is so very proud of her," she wrote. 

So it was no surprise that more than 100,000 people shared Rory's post on Friday when he wrote that Joey's greatest dream came true, she was in heaven. 

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"a dream come true" - a blog post and video from one man's extraordinary, ordinary life.

Posted by Joey+Rory on  Friday, 4 March 2016


"Thank you Joey+Rory for showing the world how to love. How to love one another, life, the journey and above all, the Lord," someone wrote. 

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