Top Ind. HS basketball player Eron Gordon appeals IHSAA ineligibility ruling

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana high school basketball player's recent transfer from one school to another has raised questions about whether he was motivated by academics or athletics.

The player in question, Eron Gordon, is one of the top national basketball prospects in his 2016 class.

Gordon, who is the younger brother of NBA player Eric Gordon Jr. and Indiana University Hoosier Evan Gordon, has already been eyed by top basketball colleges including Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas. He's also received nods from Indiana and Purdue.

In June 2014, Eron Gordon transferred from North Central High School to Cathedral High School, a decision that prompted the Indiana High School Athletic Association to rule him ineligible to play during the 2014-2015 season.

Gordon, a Junior, appealed the IHSAA's decision Tuesday, but did not testify at the hearing. Instead, his parents spoke on his behalf, attorney Richard Cook said.

"(His parents) put their son's academics first. They saw he was having difficulty. As a result of that, they made the difficult decision to remove him from North Central after his father graduated from there and his brothers have graduated from there," Cook said.

Commissioner Bobby Cox believes the transfer was about athletics, not academics.

"We're not making an example out of anyone.  Eron Gordon or Eron Smith, it doesn't make any difference to me. If we have evidence that the transfer is for athletic reasons they are going to receive a ruling of ineligibility. It doesn't matter what the student's name is, what school they play for or what school they're moving toward," Cox said.

If the board rejects the appeal, Cook said Gordon would remain at Cathedral and sit out the season. He would not transfer back to North Central.

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