Vandals slash tires on city's near-north side

Crime happened near 36th and College

INDIANAPOLIS - Vandals slashed the tires of multiple cars on the city's near-north side and neighbors said the criminal act cost money, was a major inconvenience and they are frustrated.

The crime happened in the 700 block of East 36th Street near College Avenue late Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Tires were punctured on at least seven vehicles parked along the street.

Chris Wake, 25, had just purchased new tires for his 2000 Toyota Camry Solara. The two tires on the driver’s side were slashed, so he bought two more at  $70 apiece. He doesn't know who is responsible, but he has suspicions.

"These kids just thought it would be funny to go around and punk people and did not realize the actual damage and huge waste of time and money it was gonna take up," Wake said.

Kristy Alexander, 43, surveyed the damage on her tires. She is currently unemployed and has little cash to buy tires.

"I'm mad because I can't go nowhere. Now I'm on the bus," Alexander said.

Serena Grandy had a similar story after one tire on her Volvo was slashed too.

"It's very disappointing. Now I gotta take money away from something else to get me a tire, or I can't drive to work. Nobody is gonna pick me up every day. I do have someone to help sometimes, but I can't expect them every day because I got a flat," Grandy said.

Police empathized with the victims and thanked them for reporting the crime.

"What we want to convey to the public is if you see something call us, we will investigate. That is gonna cost them $200 they probably didn't budget for. We are taking this very serious as well," said Officer Chris Wilburn with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Some of the neighbors believe the crime was a random act, not some sort of vendetta. They also believe the vandals used a box cutter to slash the tires.

Police do not currently have any suspects.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. Anonymous tips can also be submitted online at or by texting "INDYCS" plus tip information to 274627.

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