Vest may have saved Officer Milburn's life

INDIANAPOLIS - Authorities said a vest likely saved the life of an Indianapolis police officer who was shot early Friday morning.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Gregory Milburn was at home recovering Friday night after police said he was hit by a bullet just an inch above the bottom of his vest.

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Although the vest likely saved his life, experts were quick to point out that wearing a vest does not make officers invincible.

"They are not bulletproof they are bullet-resistant, you know the officer this morning was injured. What needs to be understood is because he was wearing his vest, it lessened the extent of his injuries," said former state trooper Jim White.

Experts advised that even though there have been examples of vests saving lives, police officers are still in danger.

"They do not protect you from all attacks because there are so many other parts of your body that are still unprotected," White said.

As a former state trooper, White said he knows firsthand that vests don’t give officers a false sense of security.

"One thing you have to guard against, and I think most police officers today recognize this, even having the vest on does not make you invincible," White said.

Milburn is the 30th IMPD officer who was shot at by an armed suspect. He was left with a bruise, but no serious injuries.

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