Victim's case leads to tougher voyeurism law

INDIANAPOLIS - A victim of voyeurism was speaking out again after the man who went to prison for secretly videotaping her 10 years ago was released from prison.

Hannah Arbuckle was the victim of a serial peeping Tom. Every time she called police, he would disappear and so would her peace of mind.

Her case gained national notoriety after Arbuckle eventually chased him down, jumped into the back of his pickup and called 911.

Police arrested Robert Braun in October 2003 after he invaded Arbuckle's privacy for nearly a year. A police search of his Speedway home turned up duct tape, a rubber mask and nude videos of Arbuckle taken at least five months before she even knew he had been stalking her.

Braun was a self-confessed sex addict and a convicted rapist. On Wednesday, Braun was free again to walk the streets of Indianapolis.

"He's been given the chance to do better, to make his life right and in those opportunities, repeated the same offense. So I feel fearful not just for myself, but society in general," Arbuckle said.

It was 10 years ago and time has not healed all wounds.

"The violation that happened to me as far as me feeling afraid or not being safe in my home, you don't get that back. You don't get back that naiveté like you’re going to be OK all the time," Arbuckle said.

Arbuckle refused to become a victim again and went to the State Legislature. She was instrumental in convincing lawmakers of the need to toughen the penalties for people with multiple convictions for voyeurism.

She made several appearances on national talk shows, giving a voice to all the other women who had fallen victim to sexual predators.

"I feel I've at least paved the way or provided an example to other women to speak out and say it's OK, that I can talk about that this has happened to me. I'm the victim of a crime. But I didn’t do anything wrong," Arbuckle said.

Since he was convicted for stalking Arbuckle, Braun has been arrested, convicted and sentenced twice more to prison for the same offense.

Arbuckle said she has no confidence that Braun, now 67, will give up his career as a serial peeping Tom. Arbuckle said she will obtain a protective order and Braun will again have to register as a sex offender.

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