Voters warned to check polling place addresses after number of location changes

Postcards with reminders go out this week

INDIANAPOLIS - Registered voters in Marion County will receive a postcard in the mail this week giving the location of their polling place.

Voters are encouraged to pay attention to it, because there's a good chance the location has changed since the last election.

Marion County Clerk Beth White said Mayor Greg Ballard's administration changed many locations since the 2011 election because of reasons like building availability or parking.

White said about 30 percent of Marion County residents will have new polling places this year.

"They need to know where they're going to vote," said White. "Mayor Ballard has changed the polling locations pretty significantly, and if you haven't voted since 2008, it is more likely than not that your polling place is different. And we really want people to know where they're going."

As for early in-person voting, despite the long lines it's actually down 29 percent since the last presidential election.

White blamed the lack of satellite locations.

"The last Presidential, general, of course, was 2008, and in 2008 we had two satellite locations that were running at this time in the process," she said. "We don't have satellites because the Republican Party would not agree. So this is the only location for early in-person voting."

No matter how many registered voters live in the same home, only one polling place notification per household will be sent.

Absentee ballot applications had to be in the Clerk's office by 8 p.m. Monday.

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