Voyeur's victim wants tougher penalties for peeping toms

Voyeurism is class B misdemeanor in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - Police are calling Adam Mittler a serial peeping tom, but Kelly Stone calls his actions a sex crime and she wants state laws to reflect the seriousness of his voyeurism.

"This man is not a stupid man. He's not a stupid man. He knows exactly what he's doing, that's why he's so good at it and has gotten so good at it for so long," Stone said.
It's been two years, but Stone said she will never forget her close encounter with Mittler.

She caught Mittler in the act taking cell phone pictures of her in the changing room of a store at Castleton Square Mall.
"I chased him down and took the phone from him," she said. "He was actively deleting pictures when I ripped the phone out of his hand. I don't know how many he got, but I knew it was me."

Stone said she's not surprised he's at it again.

"I knew he was going to offend. It hurts me so badly that somebody else had to go through this," she said.
Police arrested Mittler Thursday night in the women's restroom at the Hyatt hotel. They said he used a cell phone to spy under a stall in the women's restroom.

Mittler had just been released from jail two hours earlier for a probation violation for a previous voyeurism conviction.
Voyeurism is currently a class B misdemeanor in Indiana. Since her traumatic ordeal with Mittler, Stone's been pushing for a stronger law. She said she and other victims need to be treated like sex crime victims.

"If he was a sex offender, I would have been notified when he was released," she said. "The only reason I found out that he had offended again is someone saw it on the news and called me."

Stone said she wanted Mittler to get the help he needed after his arrest in her case. But now, she wants him off the streets for good.

"He had his rehabilitation chance. (It) didn't work!"

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