Warehouse burns, calling Hazmat crews to scene

INDIANAPOLIS - A powerful fire spread through a southeast-side warehouse Wednesday morning, drawing fire, health and Hazmat crews to the scene.

Indianapolis fire crews headed to the warehouse just after 5:30 a.m. in the 3500 block of East Terrace Avenue.

Firefighters said when they arrived, the flames were quickly spreading from one end of the building to another. Crews said they had to cut through locks and gates to get to the area where the fire had started, which leads them to believe there was no one inside the warehouse.

RTV6's Julie Pursley reports at least one of the businesses on fire is called Indy Drum of Indianapolis, which reconditions plastic drums and containers.

Hazmat was called to the scene because officials feared these drums and containers held hazardous chemicals, but they later discovered those containers were empty. Now, officials say the only concern they have about hazardous chemicals is whether there were any traces of them on the drums before they burned.

Our news crew on the scene heard a couple small explosions over the course of crews battling the blaze.

Officials said they do not believe an evacuation of the area is necessary.

You're advised to avoid the area if possible.

Watch RTV6 and check back here for more.


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