WATCH: High school crowd goes wild early in the morning for Friday Football Frenzy

Warren Central Warriors vs. Center Grove Trojans

INDIANAPOLIS - They say young people have more energy. Sure. But have you ever seen a group of high school students this excited to be awake at 5 in the morning?

Not to mention -- who wouldn't want to watch school officials dump ice water on themselves?

Friday morning, RTV6's Julie Pursley headed over to Warren Central High School to help pump up the pep rally that had gathered for the Warriors' Friday-night face-off with the Center Grove High School Trojans.

It's a game that will be live on RTV6 for Friday Night Frenzy as our MIC Game of the Week.

Julie Pursley herself is a Warrior Alumna, so she was clearly very pumped to be part of the Friday-morning crowd! You won't believe the intensity of the students' energy. Make sure to watch the video for the pump-up you need to start the weekend.

And don't miss the next video, showing some school officials taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

RTV6's live coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. Friday. The game starts at 7.

The MIC Game of the Week will air on HTSN, in the RTV6 app and streaming live online. Learn more about our MIC Game of the Week coverage here.

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