What a Tail: Cat comes home after missing for years & mistaken for microchipped goat

INDIANAPOLIS - More than two years on the run and mistaken for a goat, Oliver the Cat appears to be happy to be reunited with his family on the east side.

It was 2012 when Mary Ellen Morris and her husband Zach moved to an apartment on Washington Street and Audubon Road. 

Since Oliver was an outside cat, they worried about him roaming near such a busy intersection, so they decided to send him to live with Mary Ellen’s parents near Ellenberger Park.

Within a month, though, Oliver had disappeared. 

Mary Ellen remembers being disappointed at the time, but said her emotions were nothing like what she felt last week, when the mysterious Oliver came back into her life, disguised as a goat - at least on paper.

Someone had found the cat near the Indiana State Fairgrounds and brought it to the FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Workers scanned him for a microchip and found one, but the information on it was in need of an update. Mary Ellen’s phone number was no longer in service since she and her family had moved again.

So FACE workers called the secondary contact, Mary Ellen’s parents, who assured them their daughter didn’t have a cat. Plus, there was another error, this one more glaring. The information contained on the microchip said Oliver was a goat.

“He eats anything like he’s a goat,” Mary Ellen said, laughing. She couldn’t believe Oliver was back, but was even more puzzled by the fact that people actually microchip goats.

“Our forms have a space for dogs, cats, horses, birds and others,” said Ellen Robinson of the FACE Clinic.

Robinson wasn’t familiar with the company that registered Oliver’s microchip, but said its registry must also contain a category for goats, which was mistakenly checked for Oliver. 

“I thought if they’re calling him a goat, then maybe it wasn’t him,” Mary Ellen said. “But when I saw him, it was the craziest thing.”

She said she was nearly overcome with emotion at the sight of her now 13-year-old cat who looks thinner, but is in good health. “He responded to his name immediately and it’s like he never left. We’re so happy to have him back.”

Mary Ellen said her sons, 9-year-old Rafe and 7-year-old Wesley, are especially excited to be reunited with their pet. You can see their joy for yourself in the attached photos.

Their newest home is on a quieter street in Irvington where Oliver is safe to roam. Despite his extensive travels, though, Oliver appears to be content staying close to home, returning every night to sleep on the porch.

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