New female bishop in Indiana hopes Catholic Church will begin recognizing women

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - A woman was made a bishop in Indiana this weekend, with one catch: It’s not officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.

Nancy Meyer was ordained as a Catholic bishop on Sunday at Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, Ind.

Meyer was elected by the Midwest Region of Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

She’s succeeding Bishop Regina Nicolosi, who is retiring and was ordained outside of Indiana.

The Womenpriests group considers itself part of the Roman Catholic Church, but the church does not recognize the women’s priesthoods. That's why Meyer had to be ordained in a Methodist church.

The women are hopeful that will change. Watch our video to hear more about the issue.

This group of womenpriests has been operating since 2002, ordaining more than 150 priests across the world.

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