Woman caught on camera stealing packages in Avon

AVON, Ind. -- A woman was caught on camera stealing packages off of a porch in Avon and neighbors believe she may be responsible for other thefts. 

It's common to have reports of package thefts during the holidays when thieves are watching for deliveries of what they hope to be high-priced goods, but Sadee Oschman said their video surveillance doorbell caught a woman stealing their packages in broad daylight earlier this week.

The Oschmans camera alerts them when someone is near the front door of their home in the Carolina Commons neighborhood. 

Sadee's husband was able to watch the delivery man drop two boxes to their front porch and then a short time later he was alerted to more movement. This time he sat at work and watched a woman casually walk up to their door and walk away with their deliveries. 

The woman then got into a black car and drove away. 

Sadee said there's little they can do about the stolen packages, but she's hoping someone can help them identify the person who took them. 

“I’m so grateful we’ve had everyone share it and comment and post it, and I’ve had plenty of people reach out to me about other suspicious people," said Sadee.

Several neighbors have contacted Sadee about the video saying this isn't the first time they've noticed the woman in their area.

"It actually looks to be the same girl, same car, doing the same thing in another neighborhood, so I just want to make people aware," said Sadee. 

Anyone with information on who the person in the video might be should contact the Avon Police Department at (317) 272-4485.

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