Woman determined to clean up neighborhood streets

INDIANAPOLIS - A local woman was inspiring her neighbors to keep their streets clean of weeds and trash on the city’s west side.

Liz Schrader has lived on South Elder Avenue for two years, but it's an area that hasn't always felt like home.

"Last month, had a wonderful family vacation -- the best, but we had to come home to a trashy neighborhood. It was just like ugh," Schrader said.

The neighborhood is lined with vacant houses, weeds and trash-littered streets. Schrader said she was determined to provide her daughter with better.

"My mom recently bought this house and she's done amazing things to it. As you can see the weeds have all been pulled out," Schrader said.

Big plans were in the works to continue those efforts. Schrader has convinced businesses and city groups to donate supplies, including a big dumpster that will be dropped off in an empty lot Sept. 6.

"It makes me want to go even harder and get more done and talk to more people," Schrader said.

Schrader was taking out the trash -- with or without her neighbors’ help. But she's already received some commitments from neighbors.

Schrader was in the process of printing fliers to be passed out around the area.

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