Zoeller: 10 judges should rule on gay marriage ban

Indiana's attorney general wants more than three appellate judges to decide the fate of the state's gay marriage ban.
The office says in a statement issued Saturday that it filed a motion late Friday asking the entire 10-judge 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear Indiana's appeal of a judge's order that struck down the ban. Cases are ordinarily heard by a panel of three judges.
In a separate move Friday, the 7th Circuit combined Indiana and Wisconsin's gay marriage cases and put them on the fast track. Wisconsin had filed a similar appeal earlier this week.
Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says moving the case before the full court would speed the process even more.
Friday also saw the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana draft a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to issue a statement that the federal government will recognize same-sex marriages performed in Indiana earlier this month. Holder issued a similar statement for marriages in Utah and Michigan.
The ACLU says it's seeking to make Indiana's married same-sex couples eligible for federal benefits. The move comes the same week that Gov. Mike Pence's office said the state wouldn't recognize those marriages.
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