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Repeat flooding has Madison County family on edge

Posted: 7:46 PM, Feb 12, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-12 19:46:03-05

ELWOOD — Flooding is a constant fear for Christy Falink and her family.

The Falink's live in the Elwood area of Madison County and recent rains have covered their road and land in water.

"We are underwater all the time," said Falink. "Like 11-months of the year, and it's several feet."

A contractor told her the family should consider moving.

"He said that if they're not going to fix the problem, than we should move because we're going to lose our house, basically," said Falink.

Madison County Surveyor Tom Shepherd says there about about 50 drains in the county that are not working.

Among them is the drain causing flooding where the Falink's live.

It's one of three drains the county will repair this year if area residents agree to pay for the work.

Shepherd says people in the area will get a letter with the assessment rates and be invited to a drainage board meeting where they can share their concerns.

The board will then decide whether to proceed with the project.

It's a fix that can't come soon enough for Christy Falink