Man Arrested After SUV Crashes Into House

Police: Woman Slept Through Crash

An Indianapolis man turned himself in to police Monday after he said he drove an SUV into a woman's house, but then left the scene, police said.

A Chevrolet Suburban crashed into Winnie Withers' home on East 37th Place at about 2:45 a.m. Friday, police said.


Withers was unhurt and slept through the ruckus, only to find an 8-foot hole in her kitchen when she woke up.

On Saturday, police recovered the vehicle thought to be involved behind a shopping center on East 21st Street with brick pieces and tree bark in its windshield and tires, investigators said.

When officers found the vehicle's owner, he told them that his brother had been driving the SUV, and that had told him that he had crashed into a ditch.

Seanda L. Johnson, 22, turned himself in to police on Monday and admitted to driving into Withers' home when he lost control on wet pavement, police said.

Seanda L. Johnson

Johnson was arrested and preliminarily charged with criminal mischief and failure to stop.