Man Charged In Killing 5 Months After Arrest

Patrick Hyche Charged With Voluntary Manslaughter

A man was formally charged in the killing of an Indianapolis man more than five months after the shooting took place.

The Marion County grand jury charged Patrick Hyche, 21, with voluntary manslaughter last week in the October 2011 death of Brian Johnson, 33.

Although Hyche admitted to killing Johnson, he contends the shooting was self defense.

Attorney David Hennessy spoke to RTV6's Derrik Thomas on Hyche’s behalf.

"Mr. Hyche only did what he absolutely had to do,” he said.

Hennessy said Hyche was trying to protect himself, his sister and his pregnant girlfriend inside a home in the 3600 block of Alexandria Court where they all lived.

Johnson allegedly entered the residence and threatened to cause harm. That’s when Hyche took action, Hennessy said.

"The self-defense stature allows a citizen to use deadly force to defend his residence, defend other people and to defend himself. You can use deadly force to prevent serious bodily injury. All three of these aspects will be present in this case,” Hennessy said.

Hyche was arrested on Oct. 7, 2011, but formal charges were not brought until the indictment last week. Authorities did not immediately reveal the reason for the delay.

According to police documents, Johnson was shot in the chest and sustained multiple shots to his back. Because he was unarmed, his family is upset that Hyche's bond was reduced from $200,000 to $30,000, said Deputy Prosecutor John Kieffner.

"Obviously, the victim's family is very upset. They've lost a loved one and the opportunity to be heard on the defendant's bond was not afforded to them (Thursday). I understand why they would be upset about that. I feel for them. I wish they could have been heard on the matter of bond,” Kieffner said.

Police said Johnson had a criminal history and spent time in prison, but more details are expected to be released about the events that led up to the shooting as the investigation continues.

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