Man Dies After Shooting At Kroger

Workers: Man Was Trying To Rob Store

An employee shot and killed a man who apparently was trying to rob a Kroger store on Indianapolis' northwest side Monday evening, police said.

The shooting happened just after 6 p.m. Monday at the store in the 5000 block of West 71st Street, RTV6's Eboné Monet reported.


The person who was shot was breathing and alert and was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in serious condition, police said, but he later died. The man's name wasn't immediately released.

Investigators said a man came into the store and approached a female worker in the doorway, putting something to her back that she thought was a gun and demanded money.

"The suspect then forced the victim to the office area, where he encountered a second employee who fired a weapon at him, striking him in the face," Indianapolis police Sgt. Linda Jackson said.

Police said they think three or four shots were fired.

Customers scrambled to the back of the store in what was described as a chaotic scene.

"I heard, 'bam, bam, bam.' I said, 'Oh no, somebody got shot,'" said witness Catherine Jefferson. "Everybody started running all over the store."

Police interviewed store workers and said they didn't expect to make an arrest.

The Kroger store was closed for several hours in the aftermath of the shooting.

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