Man Found Guilty After Taking Video Up Girls' Skirts

David Delagrange Arrested In March 2010

A man who shot video underneath the skirts of teenage girls at an Indianapolis mall was convicted Tuesday night of attempted child exploitation.

David Delagrange, of Fort Wayne, was arrested in March 2010 after an officer found him using a camera hidden in his shoe and an elaborate recording system to take videos underneath the dresses of a 15-year-old and three 17-year-olds at Castleton Square Mall.

A jury deliberated for two hours before finding Delagrange guilty on all four counts of attempted child exploitation, C felonies, and one count of resisting arrest, an A misdemeanor.

After the verdict was read, Delagrange put his head down and sighed.

One of the girls, who was able to identify herself on Delagrange's video, testified Tuesday that as she was shopping, Delagrange was making her uncomfortable.

"He was really close to me. It wasn't normal. I could feel him breathing on me. I felt his belly on my back," the girl said.

Delagrange's attorney, Vernon Lorenz, admitted that his client's plan was despicable and in bad taste, but he argued that it was not attempted child exploitation.

"He didn't do it. It was mischarged," Lorenz said.

The court of appeals dismissed some voyeurism counts originally brought against Delagrange.

Sentencing was set for March 1.

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