Man Gets 245-Year Sentence In Hovey Street Killings

Ronald Davis Pleads Guilty

A man who pleaded guilty to four counts of murder and other charges in the 2008 killings of two women and two children was sentenced Wednesday to 245 years in prison.

Ronald Davis, 33, maintains that he didn't kill Andrea Yarrell, 24, Charlii Yarrell, 5 months, Gina Hunt, 24, and Jordan Hunt, 23 months, but admitted he was at their home in the 3200 block of Hovey Street in 2008. Davis' attorney said he was involved in a robbery where people were killed.

As part of a plea agreement reached with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, the death penalty was not an option.

Police said Davis and four other people -- Tommy Warren, 27; Donte Hobson, 32; Jasper Frazier, 39; and Zarumin Coleman, 24 -- believed there were drugs in the house, but prosecutors said in the aftermath of the slayings that they had found no evidence that drugs were being sold there.

"They could have taken everything in that house and walked out with it. Those women weren't gonna put their children in danger," said Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson. "But the fact of the matter is they decided to kill the women and children. It was senseless, it was needless and, as a prosecutor, it appalls me."

The family of the victims said they were pleased with the sentence.

"From day one, I said I didn't want the death penalty. I want him to think about this everyday of his life. That's what he'll being doing for 245 years. I know for a fact that he won't live that long," said Elizabeth Duncan, the mother of Gina Hunt.

Frazier, Warren, Hobson and Coleman were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Hobson pleaded guilty Tuesday. Coleman and Warren also previously accepted plea deals. Frazier is awaiting trial.